At Universal Coating, we know that proper pre-treatment of parts is critical to the quality of the final coating which is why we offer both mechanical and chemical pre-treatment services. State-of-the-Art Computer Automated Production Lines.


Universal Coating offers complete mechanical pre-treatment to remove oxides, scale, light burrs, flash or other surface imperfections. We can efficiently treat parts ranging in size from small nuts, bolts and fasteners to large castings or fabricated parts like engine blocks. And, we can handle any quantity - from one to hundreds of thousands.

Our equipment includes:

  • Manual hand-blast cabinets
  • High-pressure, air-assist tumble blasters
  • High-speed, large capacity, semi-automated continuous belt blasters
  • Burnishing, polishing and honing equipment

The abrasive media we use depends on your surface quality requirements and includes sand, grit, steel shot and glass bead.


Our chemical pre-treatment services include:

  • Vapor degreasing and pickling
  • Alkaline and acid cleaning

Universal Coating can also chemically remove polymeric soils, pre-applied coatings or film on ferrous, non-ferrous metal, fiberglass, plastic, rubber or elastomeric substrates.

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