Markets Served

Diverse Markets, Common Goal

Universal Coating can handle most high-volume coating applications regardless of the industry. We'll work hand-in-hand with your engineering staff to review your current coating requirements to see where we can improve them, while showing you how to save money and enhance your product's performance.

automotive Automotive

Automotive OEMs, suppliers and aftermarket manufacturers are under extreme pressure to deliver high quality products while continually cutting costs. Universal Coating can assist manufacturers to produce superior, cost-effective parts that can enhance a vehicle's performance.

military aerospace Military/Aerospace

When it comes to military applications, coated parts need to perform reliably, often in the harshest conditions. Universal Coating can provide coated products conforming to the strictest military standards for durability and reliability in the field.


Today's appliances not only have to look good, but they need to function properly, year after year. Universal Coating works with appliance manufacturers to select the proper heat- and corrosion-resistant coatings that'll keep their products working and customers smiling.


Furniture manufacturers incorporate a number of metal and plastic elements in their products that are functional as much as they are decorative. Universal Coating has the ability to coat both metal and plastic hardware to enhance durability and beauty.

motor sportMotor Sports

Racing vehicles run at high speeds and rely heavily on components that can withstand extreme temperatures and punishing friction. Universal Coating has the experience to apply the right coatings to enhance your car or motorcycle's performance and help you cross the finish line, race after race.