Privacy Policy

Universal Coating Inc. will not sell, trade, or distribute our clients personal private information to any party. Any information provided to us is for internal use only. Through registration processes we may request your e-mail address, and general information. This information is only used for our records. We do not host third party advertising. We do post links or graphics to our partners and business associates; Universal Coating Inc. will only provide links to these sites. Universal Coatings has put security devices in place to help protect our clients and visitors information as well as our website and related resources. Universal Coating reserves the right to turn information over to authorities in the event that, attempts to illegally access our networks, attempts to use our network to launch attacks, misuse of boards or online sessions, defacing of this web site and or any of its associates or clients, or any form of electronic denial of service attempt occurs.

Universal Coating Inc. reserves the right to change this policy at any time.