Universal Coating has both rack and barrel phosphating capabilities which allows us to handle small and large parts, and low- to high-volume jobs


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Paint and Powder Coating Application Services

At Universal Coating, we not only focus on providing the best, most efficient process to apply the coating for your parts, we believe it's critical to bring out the best in the coating applied.

paint and powder coating application services

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Rubber Bond Adhesive Application Services

In addition to degreasing and abrasive finishing, we can use various phosphate pre-treatments that are specifically formulated to meet the demands of rubber-bond adhesives.

rubber bond adhesive

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Pre-treatment Services

At Universal Coating, we know that proper pre-treatment of parts is critical to the quality of the final coating which is why we offer both mechanical and chemical pre-treatment services.

pretreatment services

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Diverse Markets, Common Goal

Universal Coating can handle most high-volume coating applications regardless of the industry. We'll work hand-in-hand with your engineering staff to review your current coating requirements to see where we can improve them, while showing you how to save money and enhance your product's performance.

Welcome to Universal Coating

There are three important questions to consider when determining the right coating for your application. The first question - is the coating suitable for the intended application? The second - how is the coating applied? And the third - can the coating's performance be enhanced?

Universal Coating has been providing its customers with the right answers to these questions since 1984.
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